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Chevy and GMC Electric Fan Kits

Chevy and GMC Electric Fan Kits

*Improved Fuel Economy 
*Colder AC Vent Temps at slow speeds
*Inceased Horse Power

This kit includes a custom built aluminum shroud specifically for Radiators w / 34" Core measurement, Two - 16" SPAL fans, One - Derale 16789 Dual fan controller, all mounted as one unit on the shroud ready to wire into your vehicle. It comes as pictured with all wiring,connectors,and instruction manual for wiring diagrams. This kit will fit the following applications. (... With 34" radiator core...)

 1999-2000 Cadillac Escalade, 1992-1994 Full Size Blazer, 1988-2000 Chevrolet C/K Series Pickup,
1992-1999 Suburban, 1995-2000 Chevy Tahoe, 1988-2000 GMC Pickup, 1992-1999 GMC Suburban, 1992-2000 GMC Yukon.
#1 Increased fuel mileage ( we have had responses of up to 3 mpg greater )

#2 Increase HP ( peddle response from a stop is greatly increased )

#3 Cooler A/C vent temps at an Idle ( we have seen 3-5 degrees cooler )

#4 Factory Fit and great looks!!
(kit pictures may or may not reflect the actual kit you receive)
Feedback from just few of our buyers!!
Very good communication, Kit looks fantastic ! Thank you !!!    
Buyer: tiberisse

 A work of art, great product great seller, will deal again    
Buyer: geoalex2

Buyer: 8261tim

Buyer: exalted-1 

2 SPAL ELECTRIC 12 Volt Puller Fans

30102049 Weight: 6.25 lb. Fan (16" HP) 16" Paddle Blade High Performance Fan / 12V Puller Our High Performance 16" fan line is the best of the best! This is our most popular primary fan for the street rod enthusiast. It is available in curved blade design for reduced noise and feature fully sealed waterproof/dustproof motors. Each fan is individually balanced for long life.

One- Derale Performance Adjustable dual electric fan controller.

Part# 16789
(We use to use spal's controller that they no longer offer,this one is less complex and has proven to hold up and work very well.)
The derale high amperage adutable dual fan controller is designed to operate two electric fans at different actavating temoeratures. Fan #1 is designed to actvate at the desired adjusted teperature (150*F - 240*F). Fan #2 will activate once the vehicle coolant temperature increases by 10*F. The fans will deactivate,10*F below each turn on temperature.
Here at TCP we take pride in doing things the right way, the only way so you only have to do it once. I can't think of anything that bothers me more than to always be tinkering with something to keep it going or feeling like I always have to be concerned something might go wrong. Over the years we have tried, tested and experimented with different applications and vehicles to find the right combinations to work in the most extreme conditions. We rely on SPAL PWM controllers and SPAL electric fans and relays because we feel they are the best! They have a great reputation and a strong name in the electric fan automotive cooling industry. We also have the ability to build custom aluminum radiators to your specs, and believe me when I say we have built some pretty unusual radiators. That is what we do is take your dimensions and spec's and build it just the way you need it and want it. We can provide you with more specialty designs, radiator core thicknesses, mounting brackets, internal oil coolers than anyone in the automotive aluminum radiator cooling field today. All radiator cores are built special each time for each application, what this lets us do is incorporate the maximum amount of cooling in the space we have available to work with, also enables us to build the tanks and place the outlets,filler necks,oil coolers,drain cocks,mounting brackets,etc. exactly where you want or need them saving you time and money in the long run while making your project look like it was professionally done. I know you have either read this on our website or heard it in a video, but I'm going to say it again WE LOVE THE CUSTOM STUFF it can be a pain sometimes,but to be able to build something at a reasonable price and have the customer call and say it fits and looks great makes it all worth it. You tell us what you want to do and we will do all within our power to make it happen. Don't get me wrong we have standard electric fan kits but they are built vehicle specific and look and fit like it was an option direct from the factory. As you can see in the pictures above everything looks as if it was designed at the factory not just thrown in. REMEMBER IF YOU CAN THINK IT UP WE CAN MORE THAN LIKELY BUILD! Thanks for visiting our website and have a great day!
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