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Custom Auto Electric Fan Units for Dodge

    1994 - 2001 Dodge Ram Trucks

    All aluminum shroud with SPAL electric fans made for the 1994-2001 3.9 , 5.2 , 5.9 gas engine trucks. Our shrouds come as a drop in direct fit unit with all wiring,connectors and hardware to make installation a breeze. Factory fit without the factory price. We have supplied the necessary bracketing to mount radiator coolant reservoir and the windshield wiper fluid reservoir in there original positions. The controller made by Derale # 16789 comes with its own temp sender to operate fans. When low setting is reached left fan starts,if cooling is not met as temperature increases 10 degrees,then the right fan engages. The controller also has an A/C overide to engage fan when A/C comressor is engaged. This is one sweet set up,we have had customers tell us they have seen 2-3 more MPG also seeing 3-5 degree cooler AC vent temps at slow speeds and idels also will extend the life of your A/C system. If you look at the newer trucks and SUV's they are going to electrics for these same reasons. We feel we have found the right combination of components for a long lasting,great fitting and looking trouble free unit.
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