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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom-Made Radiators and Aluminum Fan Shrouds with Electric Fans for All Makes & Models
Q: How much is my radiator going to cost?
This depends on size and thickness of the core, complexity of tanks, brackets, fittings, internal coolers, fan shrouds, electric fans, controls for fans, and whether the radiator is polished or not.
Q: What are the benefits of having a custom-made radiator?
You can design the radiator to fit your space including placement of fittings, mounting brackets, and outlet and inlet sizes. This way, you design the radiator to fit your vehicle without having to make a "one size fits all" fit in the space you have. It compares to going to a home-improvement center where you're given a choice of what kitchen cabinets they have and can order in for you, as opposed to having a professional cabinet maker come in and build your cabinets exactly the way you want them to fit the specific space you have. You don't have to settle for what is pre-made and sitting on a shelf.

Q: How long will it take to build my radiator?
Because each core is made to your specifications, each build will take a minimum of 3-4 weeks. It may be longer depending on our workload. When the order is placed you will receive an approximate completion date.
Q: Is delivery available?
We ship our products around the WORLD.
We will keep you cool!
(Custom fabricated items to customer specs do not include shipping!)
(Alaska, Hawaii and International orders additional shipping charges will apply.)
Customize you're cooling with our custom perfect fit all aluminum radiators and fan kits.
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