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Whiplash Racing, “The Race” - Rotax Your Rhino Brings Home Second At Snowflake!
Snowflake, AZ – Brian Bush of Rotax Your Rhino, and Greg Frantz of Lonestar Racing remain the Whiplash Racing series points leaders after bring home a second place at “The Race”

“We worked on the car tirelessly in the weeks prior to the race and barely made it in time to pre-run the night before. The car was completely rewired, and we installed a new cooling system from TCP Performance hours before leaving. We were lucky to make it”

Starting on the poll, the team was given a 30 second lead over second place. The Rotax Your Rhino/ Lonestar Racing machine handled the sweeping course with ease. The water temperatures were better than they had ever been in previous races which lead to Brian being able to drive the car harder. Only 2 of 28 total cars were able to pass the two in the 140 mile race. A R1 powered Rhino got passed them, as did a “Baja Pro” car while they were pitting for fuel.
“All in all, we had a great time and are completely happy to have finished this tough race. Bringing home second in class and third overall is just icing on the cake!” 

2010 Podiums: 
  • 2nd place Stupid Cupid @ Speedworld 
  • 1st place Slickrock 150 @ Page, Az 
  • 1st place Prescott Valley Firecracker 
  • 2nd place @ “The Race 
  • 4th place @ Firebird
Team Sponsors: 
  • Rotax Your Rhino
  • Lonestar Racing
  • TCP Performance
  • Seizmik
  • PCI Race Radios
  • PRP Seats
  • Rigid Industries
  • UTV Inc
  • Pittbull Tires

  • Muzzys
  • Dragonfire Racing
  • Mr. RPM
  • Banners Plus
  • Unisteer
  • Dalton Industries
  • UTV Offroad Magazine
  • AZ Amsoil
  • Fox Racing Shocks
  • HJC Helmets
I'd like to give a special thank you to Stacey Jordan, Bob Nolan, Mike Bigley and Dave @ DGP Photography.

Brian Bush
Brian Squared LLC
TCP PERFORMANCE - Review - April, 2011
"I am a customer of TCP Performance, and rate their services highly. I am building a 1962 Corvette resto-mod, with a 515HP carbureted LS3 engine. The early Corvettes do not have room for a large radiator, so cooling is challenge. The chassis builder included a custom 2-row aluminum radiator in his package. I needed an electric fan/shroud combo that would be relatively quiet for street use and keep my engine cool. Getting a quality custom shroud built, attaching it to the radiator, and fitting it with a proper fan turned out to be more difficult than I had anticipated. Local shops and the radiator manufacturer wanted too much money, seemed hard to work with, and their ability to build a good fitting welded shroud was in question, while leaving me with a lot of loose ends to bring together.
I found out about TCP through their website and sent an email inquiry. When dealing with a new company, you can generally judge a company's ultimate performance by the timeliness quality of their initial communication. "Garth" responded the same day, and suggested that we discuss details by phone. He was thorough, spent time with me on the phone, and provided suggestions and teaser cost estimates that were in line with my expectations. This was followed by a sketch with notes, so that we could fine tune our final specs. I requested stainless hardware, which is not TCP's standard. Garth was more than willing to accommodate this request for a modest cost differential. Garth understands that car guys are particular, and suggested that I send TCP the radiator so that they could weld the mounting tabs and ensure a tight fit of their custom shroud. It turned out that the shipping cost was less than a local shop wanted just for a couple of simple welds – great suggestion Garth.
Communication updates occurred regularly. About 2 weeks after TCP received my radiator, the finished product was delivered. The quality of workmanship was excellent. TCP also provided the SPAL fan and accessories at a fair price less than normal retail. I got everything I needed from one source, and at a lower cost and hassle factor than dealing piecemeal with local shops and the usual parts vendors. All said, I would rate TCP Performance as a very honest company that is easy to work with, and provides timely service. Well done!"
Ron (Maryland)
"Garth, the radiator fit perfect and the car runs cool! Thanks for the great service and product. It was a pleasure doing business with you."

Dean G. CA
"Thanks Garth for the expert workmanship and attention to details in fabricating a radiator for my Porsche 914 Subie conversion. The car is indeed keeping it's cool and thanks again for taking the time for questions about making the radiator and responding back with calls and email in a timely manner."

Lyle Klein
Grand Island, NE
"Hi guys, its been a long time since I ordered a Polished Radiator for my Rhino and a Standard Finish Radiator for my Buddy's Supercharged Rhino. My Rhino is the 10mm Stroker,105mm Bore,Big Valve Head,Cam,Carb, etc... I put almost 300 miles on Glamis Dunes without any troubles. Well, I sprung a little oil leak but that had nothing to do with your Awesome Radiator. Just wanted to say Thank You for all your great help and info and I would like to add your Radiators to my website if you are interested. Thanks again!"

Best Regards, Joe.
"Garth, thanks for hooking me up with a new radiator shroud for my Yamaha Rhino. When my stock fan went out and I found out how much a new OEM fan from Yamaha cost, I about fainted!! You guided me in the right direction for an aftermarket fan and built me a fan shroud to perfectly fit that fan to my Rhino. That kind of commitment and service are hard to come by these days. I truly appreciate it. Thanks for the follow up phone calls as well...Your products are top notch and I will pass the word about them and your great customer service. Thanks again, Curt."

Curt W. Mercier
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"Hey Garth, I got all the boot guards on and the hitch. They look great and really add a lot more protection for the boots and brake rotors. This was money well spent and I won't have to worry about the boots getting ripped or torn when I ride. This is one of the best upgrades out there for the outlander. I am sending some pictures of my outty. Thanks again."

Mark Cross
Glasgow, KY
"Hey Garth, the boot guards are great. Before I put them on my Teryx I was constantly getting sticks poked through the axle boots but since I have installed them I have not had that problem. The installation was quick and simple. They look great and they add a nice finishing touch, as well. The customer service that I received was professional and courteous. I was surprised at the fast shipping. I would definitely recommend these boot guards to everyone. Here are some pictures of my Teryx, I just wanted to show you how good it looks with the boots guards installed. Thank you."

"Thanks you done a good job!"

Mucselshoals, AL
"Hi Garth, I'm glad we were able to spend some time talking about my heating problem. And come to the conclusion to have you make me a shroud. After installing the shroud and testing it out,the heating problem has dropped by 50%. My car runs in 98 degree weather so much cooler than before,the shroud works great! Working with you on all the measurements and what restrictions I had,helped me to get something that looked great,and made the install a snap! Thank you for the good work."

Charles P. - CA
"I have been restoring this car for a freind it is what I like to do. It is a 1972 El Camino SS we were wanting to go with a custom fit fan shroud and electric fans. So I called Garth at TCP and he explained to me how thier fan set up worked,the owner and I really liked the sound of it. So I built a template out of light card board sent it off and you can see by the pictures how great it looks. We just have a plastic and aluminum after market radiator in here,but when those SPAL double 13's kick on you can just watch the temperature gauge drop. I have no worries about this doing the job cooling,if I'm gettin with it or cruising around town with the A/C on.This thing works great looks fantastic I'm glad I went with these guy's for my fan kit. Thanks for building a product like this that has a custom fabricated look for a good price."

Bob U. - IL.
"After doing a motor swap on my 1986 Camaro Z28 with all the usual stuff my car would run hot, especially if it was over 80 degrees outside. Driving around town for any length of time always made me nervous. I upgraded my radiator and realized the single factory un-shrouded fan would not cut it, so after seeing the TCP website and Garth's youtube videos I decided to give them a call. Garth was great on the phone, going over a detailed picture I sent to him over e-mail to make sure my shroud would fit my radiator properly. He also recommended which Spal fans to use. The end result fits perfectly, looks great, and it brings the temp down so fast I couldn't be happier. Thanks Garth and TCP Crew!"

Ryan - Long Island, NY
"Before I Installed your fan shroud my temperature on my 2005 Yamaha Rhino use to climb to 207 degrees on a warm day while ascending the long grade up the mountain at my hunting camp. Now since I've installed your radiator shroud my temperature has not exceeded 179 degrees climbing the long grade on the mountain or in any condition. The fan runs now no longer than a couple of minutes when the fan kicks on at a 170 degrees except on a long grade in which the shroud keeps running temperature down in excess of 25 degrees. Thank You."

Thomas F. - West Virginia
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