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We are an authorized SPAL and Derale dealer and believe them to be the best automotive cooling products out there. We have been using them on our fan kits and selling them to customers with great success and very few problems. They have always been good to take care of us with any technical questions or problems we have had in a timely fashion. We believe them to be the best in the automotive cooling industry.

Custom Aluminum Radiators
Three Men, Two Guys Garage Show

I had the opportunity of building a custom radiator and electric fan kit for the Two Guys Garage series and was able to go out and watch the filming and meet Kevin and Willie B. Couple of great guys and what a boss Cuda their building. WE'LL KEEP YOU COOL!


Our goal with building custom radiators is being able to build something out of the ordinary. We have the ability here at TCP to build the unique, to the size and specification your needing, we believe that is what sets us apart from the rest. We have helped design some out of the ordinary radiators for applications that needing something that was a custom fit and designed for the application rather than them finding something close and building around it to make it fit. Because we build most everything custom it takes time to go through the communication process with you the customer to design the right unit for your application. I don't mind this phase of the operation at all as a matter of fact I quite enjoy it, getting to know you the customer and the project your working on. Our custom radiators start at $550, when we get done you will have a radiator that is custom built to your specification to fit directly into your application. We also like to utilize triple passing a radiator when possible, so we can get the most efficiency available from the radiator (we do not charge extra for this enhancement). If you are unfamiliar with triple passing the way it works is we insert a baffle in each tank so as to direct the flow of the coolant forcing it to go back and forth across the radiator core 3 times. What this does is force's the core to be 100% efficient by making sure that coolant doesn't just conform to the path of least resistance, also by holding the coolant in the radiator longer so it has opportunity to cool as much as possible before exiting the radiator. We have tested temperatures and have found consistently a 20-25% decrease by doing this procedure. Call us today (866-375-9717) and see if this is something that will work in your particular application.

   Custom all aluminum radiators for all applications. Operating here in Idaho we have ran into lots of applications that are related to farming and agriculteral as well as industrial. Being a global society today means more and more products are coming in from other countries sometimes making sourcing parts very difficult, timely or impossable. Just a few days ago we had a Farmer come in with a Deutz generator. We had previously built a resovouir tank for the cooling system (mounted on top of the radiator) then a few weeks ago the radiator started leaking. He came to us unable to find cooling system parts for this unit, a radiator this time. We took the old one and made an exact fit replicate so it would bolt directly in place. We are able to do this with inter coolers, oil coolers, air to air units and more. Give us an oppurtunity to help you out on those hard to find items. You won't be dissapointed!

An an explanation and install video on our all aluminum radiator and fan shroud combination for the 1989 1990 1991 1st Gen. Dodge Cummins.




1st Generation Dodge Cummins Diesel
These are some pictures of the radiator
out and installed.


1989 1990 1991 1st Generation Dodge Cummins Diesel Truck

Custom Aluminum Radiator and Fan Shroud


This radiator we designed in response to the number of people who called us wanting this radiator built. Who love their 1st Generation Dodge with the Cummins diesel engine. This thing is amazing the added capacity and dual pass flow design "ROCKS" you won't believe how cool your truck will run. This will cool you down and look good doing it.The original and many aftermarket radiators are made from copper brass,and have a real design flaw. OEM or Aftermarket 1.75 Thick ours is 2 1/4" Thick,Theirs 2 rows of 3/4" tube. Ours 2 rows of 1" tubes. Their design flaw they placed the inlet and outlet to close to being in line. Ours set up with the inlet and oulet on the same side,but you can see the baffle welded into the tank on the right,that makes this radiator a dual pass to keep the coolant in the radiator longer and make it more thermally efficient. We were able to keep the core size the same and is within 1 square inch of the OEM radiator. We did have to fabricate a shroud for this unit because we could not make the original work to our satisfaction. If you use your Truck for Showin, Runnin,Workin or Playin this unit will Keep you Cool! We also include a new upper hose and radiator cap. What you see pictured on the right is everthing in this package.




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Our customer submitted us a nicely made drawing and we custom fabricated a radiator and a shroud with an electric fan to meet his needs and specifications for his Corvette.


Custom made Honda Civic radiator in a 836.8 HP twin turbo beast!





Custom made Willys Coupe radiator.









Custom made Scooter radiator.

6" X 6.5" X 2.25"


  Yamaha Rhino Radiator Triple Pass 

04 05 06 07 / 660 Rhino
04-10 450 Rhino

65 Chevy 4 X 4 Truck



This slide show is of different views of a radiator we fabricated for an old T Bucket. That had some different requests as you see in the photos. We needed to get as much cooling as possable. So we filled up that front cowling with as much core as we could and this was the result. Thanks for looking!

This was a challenging project,but not one we wanted to pass up. It was for a Corvette that a customer was restoring. We started by building an effective and efficent fan shroud to manage both puller and pusher fans he had mounted with plastic ties to the radiator. When he seen pictures of how it had turned out he sent us the Ram Air plenum that was originally plastic that he wanted fabricated out of aluminum.

      This custom aluminum radiator was custom fabricated for a Toyota that has been retrofitted with a small block chevy 350 and was in need of some extra cooling. Where this was custom made we were able to gain the maximum cooling of the limited space. This custom aluminum radiator boasts a two row aluminum core which at first glance would be the norm in the industry, but this is far from normal the tubes in this are 1 1/2" rather than the standard 1". That's right this core is 1" thicker than the industry standard, bringing the total thickness on this radiator to 3 1/4". That's what is great about custom made, you can put the very maximum cooling in a limited space, once again we don't believe in the one size fits all approach.We have built some pretty unusual radiators,from strange tank shapes to odd outlet and bracket configurations. We can do it and don't mind doing it, we specialize in custom aluminum radiator fabrication.

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